About me

Smiling Minds Club

Born and raised in Germany, with a short intermezzo in Spain, I now have lived almost half of my life in the Netherlands. And for the last couple of years gratefully and content in Haarlem, together with my partner (in crime) and our two amazing children who are my true teachers of life every single day!


From an early age I’ve been fascinated by everything and anything that is connected to human nature and psychology, reading any book about these subjects I could get my hands on. As a teenager I joined Yoga courses and became more aware of this incredible connection between our mind and our body. Due to this fascination in human nature, it seemed only logical to become a psychologist. During my student days, I joined a ten-day silence Vipassana meditation retreat in the Goenka tradition. This experience deepened my knowledge of our mind-body-connection on an experiential level and gave me a glimpse of the endless wisdom that lies within all of us. I have been following these retreats regularly ever since. One of the many things that meditation means to me is tuning into myself and living my life with more awareness, appreciating the little things in daily life.


After having worked as a corporate coach and trainer I have made one of my dreams come true by founding Smiling Minds Club, where I coach and train people who want to live their life more aware and consciously, who simply seek change, more joy and passion in their life. I’m passionate about working with people to support them in their very own and unique development. Being part of somebody’s transformation or process is an honour for me. In order to encourage others’ processes more skilfully I have deepened my knowledge by becoming a certified mindfulness trainer, mediator and yoga instructor. My honest curiosity in others, empathic personality and intuitive work manner help me to easily understand things from other people's point of view and to focus on whatever needs the most attention at that particular moment as well as in the long run.


Working with individuals as well as groups, supporting them in (re)discovering their inner strengths and finding ways on how or where to apply these strengths, feels like a gift. I truly believe in the power of alignment of our mind, body and soul; that we all carry the wisdom of what is right or wrong for us in ourselves, that we can find answers to most of our questions by connecting with our true nature. I also believe in the power of connecting with others and that together we are able to achieve the incredible!


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to book a coaching or training session! My compassion, empathy and support will guide you on a journey of self-discovery to tap into your authentic self, overcome obstacles, and find your own and unique way to live your most meaningful life.


Looking forward to meeting you!