An Indvidual Mindfulness Training

Smiling Minds Club offers Individual Mindfulness Trainings - live in Haarlem or online from all over the world.

There are many reasons why you would choose to follow a Mindfulness Training individually. Maybe the training times do not suit your schedule or you live somewhere where there are no Mindfulness Trainings offered. Whatever your reason is, one advantage of following an individual Mindfulness Training is that you get 1-on-1 sessions in which you can fully concentrate on yourself.

The advantage of choosing an online Individual Mindfulness Training compared to an online course is that you are able to ask questions, you receive personal guidance and there is someone who shows up for you every week which will prevent you from dropping out and postponing the next potential session.

Curious? Sign up for the your individual training!

When: to be agreed on

Time: in the morning or evening, each session lasts 75-90 minutes

Where: live in Haarlem or online via Zoom from all over the world

Price: 8-week training 995

Language: English, Dutch or German

Trainer: Vanessa Kossin


The training includes filling in an intake form and a short pre-class interview via Zoom.



For any Mindfulness sessions – training or coaching – it is important to know that I’m a VMBN registered Mindfulness trainer (category 1, highest certification for Mindfulness trainers in the Netherlands).

Therefore, most Dutch health insurances partially reimburse the costs of these Mindfulness sessions.