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Research on the effectiveness of the Mindful with your Baby Training

The Mindful with your Baby Training is a mindfulness intervention-based training for parents with a baby or toddler aged 0 to 18 months. In the training you learn all the basic mindfulness meditations, and you learn how to apply mindfulness in parenting.


 Since your baby will be with you for most of the sessions, you can practise:

  - How you can pay attention to how you feel and how you can take good care of yourself, also in the presence of your baby

 - How you can be attentive in contact with your baby, and therefore be more open to the signals your baby gives, and enjoy being with your baby

- How to apply mindfulness in stressful situations with your baby


 There is already a lot of research available on the effectiveness of mindfulness in various stress-related, psychological and physical problems. UvA Minds conducted research on the effectiveness of mindfulness for parents who experience stress in parenting (mindful parenting training), which showed that both the child and the parent benefit from this parenting training. Research has also been done on the effectiveness of the Mindful with your Baby and the Mindful with your Toddler Trainings, but only within a clinical setting (mental health care). This showed that the mothers' psychological problems decrease due to the trainings: they experience less parenting stress, become more mindful, and are kinder to themselves after the training.


 In this current new study it will be investigated whether the Mindful with your Baby and Mindful with your Toddler Trainings are also effective for parents and children who do not need help within mental health care, but who benefit from support in parenting in the form of a training. The research consists of completing questionnaires and participating in video observations in which you play with your child.

What exactly does participating in the study entail?

You fill in questionnaires at five times spread over the time span of approximately a year. Completing the lists takes around 30 minutes per measurement moment. In addition, video observations are taken at three measuring moments, during which you play with your child for about 15 minutes. These video observations are done online. Both the questionnaires and the videos are only viewed by the researchers and are used anonymously for the study.


One requirement in order to be able to participate in the study is:

- you speak either Dutch or English with your baby.

Discount on training costs

If you participate in the study, you will receive a €125 discount on the training costs. With a family income of less than 140% of the social minimum, the training is fully paid for you (for a single parent this is an income of €1685 per month and for a family with two parents €2290 per month). If you want to be eligible for this, you can download an income statement from the tax authorities, (


If you want to participate in the training and the research, please indicate this via email or the contactform on the website.