The Mindfulness Training Advanced

This 4-week training is suited for everyone who has already completed an 8-week Mindfulness Training. 

You do not have to have maintained a daily or regular practice in order to participate in this training. During this Advanced Mindfulness Training you will deepen your knowledge of meditation and we will explore the possibilities on how to maintain a general Mindfulness practice.

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When: to be announced

Where: online

Price: 295

Language: English

Participants: maximum of ten participants

Trainer: Vanessa Kossin


The training includes filling in an intake form and a short pre-class interview, this can be done by phone.



For any Mindfulness sessions – training or coaching – it is important to know that I’m a VMBN registered Mindfulness trainer (category 1, highest certification for Mindfulness trainers in the Netherlands).

Therefore, most Dutch health insurances partially reimburse the costs of these Mindfulness sessions.



Extra offer

I want to keep Mindfulness accessible for everyone! Therefore, in my trainings, I reserve at least one spot for someone who has to live on a limited budget. If you are this person and you are interested in this next Mindfulness Training starting on Thursday evenings in December, you are welcome to contact me. Together, we can work something out.