The Mindfulness Kick Start Training

This Mindfulness Kick Start Training is a unique training  developed by Smiling Minds Club.

It consists of three training sessions that are spread over a period of three to four weeks.


Among other techniques, you will be taught the basics of Mindfulness in order to practise and integrate Mindulness into your daily life. You will cultivate awareness of what is going on in your own body and around you. Also, you will learn how to become aware of tension in your body and how you can release this tension and, as an extra, you will learn to consciously bring kindness into your life.

Who can join this training?

This training is suited for everyone who cannot or does not want to commit to an 8-week Mindfulness Training (yet ;-)) as well as for everyone who has already participated in a Mindfulness Training and wants to restart practising Mindfulness and/or add some relaxation techniques to the practice.


No, Mindfulness is not a quick fix, nonetheless it is definitely possible to kick-start your Mindfulness practice!

What you will learn during this Kick Start Training

During each one of these sessions you will learn a set of the following techniques:

  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Relaxation techniques (Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Yoga Nidra)
  • Mindful Self-Compassion

If the "Mindfulness bug" has caught you after this training...

... you are offered a 15% discount on the next 8-week Mindfulness Training. Find out more about this training here.

Curious? Sign up for the next training!

When: 3 sessions, time and dates negotiable, depending on interest - you can register (non-binding) if you are interested

Time: mornings or evenings

Where: online

Price: 195

Language: English

Participants: maximum of eight participants

Trainer: Vanessa Kossin


The training includes filling in an intake form and a short pre-class interview, this can be done by phone.



For any Mindfulness sessions – training or coaching – it is important to know that I’m a VMBN registered Mindfulness trainer (category 1, highest certification for Mindfulness trainers in the Netherlands).

Therefore, most Dutch health insurances partially reimburse the costs of these Mindfulness sessions.