What is a Mindfulness Training?

Mindfulness Trainings are trainings that are most commonly given in a group setting.

These trainings can differ in length and might vary in their programme.

A well-known and researched Mindfulness training is the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program.


Of course, it is also possible to follow a Mindfulness Training individually.

If you are interested in this option, you can find more information here.

Mindfulness / MBSR

This Mindfulness Training, also known as MBSR (=Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training) is developed for everyone who seeks to improve their quality of life, strengthen their mind and would like to raise awareness of the ‘here and now’.


The Smiling Minds Club Mindfulness Training consists of eight weekly group sessions and an additional morning of silence. It involves a mixture of meditation practices and daily mindfulness exercises. You are invited to share your experiences of practising mindfulness – you can contribute as much as you feel comfortable with. You will be asked to apply mindfulness techniques in your daily activities and practise mindfulness meditations daily between sessions, you can see this as a date with yourself,

extra quality ‘me-time’.


The goal of this Mindfulness Training is not to teach you about theories but to teach you how to practise and use Mindfulness every day, through all the ups and downs of daily life. It is, therefore, an experience-based training that asks for your commitment. You will train your brain to get out of your head, one could say ;-). No-one else but you can train your 'Mindfulness-muscle'. This means the result of this Mindfulness Training will depend on your investment, effort, commitment, and most importantly your own practice. 

Impact of the Mindfulness / MBSR Training

The eight-week Mindfulness Training is a well researched training of which the benefits are scientifically proven.

A Smiling Minds Club Mindfulness Training increases the awareness of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. It will help you BE-ing in this very moment as it is; BE-ing in the 'here and now', with the good and the bad. You will acquire a package of lifelong lasting tools that might change your view on your personal life and life in general. By learning how to BE in the moment with awareness, you will feel the impact on the quality of your life in endless ways.


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