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8-week Mindfulness Training

Smiling Minds Club reviews


"I participated in the 8 weeks course and I am really happy and grateful for this training! It gave me new tools and insights that I will for sure carry with me! Vanessa is a great teacher, she is really present, she explains in an understandable way and has a great voice - calming to listen to!"



"Ik heb de 8 weekse mindfulness cursus bij Vanessa gedaan. Wat ben ik gegroeid in een korte tijd. De manier van les geven heb ik als zeer prettig ervaren. Vanessa straalt innerlijke rust uit en begeleidt iedereen perfect met haar prettige stem door de meditaties heen. Je leert om te gaan met de dagelijkse routine in het leven. Ofwel.. leven met volle aandacht voor alles. Er is duidelijke documentatie waarin alles behandeld wordt. Als kers op de taart hebben wij op het strand een stilte ochtend met zittende/ liggende en lopende meditatie gehad. Al deze vormen van meditatie komen aan bod tijdens de cursus.
NAMASTE Vanessa dat je mij tools hebt gegeven om verder in mijn leven te komen."



"I just finished the 8-week mindfulness training and I am very thankful I could participate. I learned something new every week, e.g. dealing with stress, concentration, awareness. Vanessa is very passionate about the topic and could easily inspire me to explore my mind. She created a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere so the participants could observe and share comfortably."



"Ik heb de 8-weekse training bij Vanessa gedaan en wat is zij een prettig en betrokken trainer. Liefdevol en geborgen heb ik mij gevoeld waardoor ik in alle veiligheid me op mezelf kon richten. Dank je wel lieve Vanessa en tot een volgende keer.
Liefs, Najat"



"I just finished the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training and I could not have wished for a better training!

Vanessa is a wonderful mindfulness instructor: The moment I entered the door for the first time I felt very welcomed by her calm & inviting personality. Vanessa brings great knowledge and compassion to her trainings. Her calm and genuine voice made it very easy to follow her guided meditations and I love the fact that she always gave space for personal needs & questions too, that made the training very inclusive.
I thank Vanessa for a great introduction into the world of mindfulness and look forward to the next training to come!"

Mindful with your Baby Training


"I participated the Mindfulness with your baby course and loved it! Vanessa is a wonderful trainer with a lot of experience and brings calmness and support in all ways. The course itself is very useful, even though our lives are busy with babi(es). :) I was lost and lonely in so many ways, and via the training I realized, I'm not alone and got great tips and exercises for all situations. Also I loved that I met with like-minded mothers and their babies on the course. We connected well and I feel our friendships will go beyond. Thank You Vanessa and All!"

Mindfulness Workshop


"I had a great introductory session with Vanessa. The exercises made me get out of my head and be really in the moment. I came tensed and left relaxed. Thanks so much for creating that safe space for us Vanessa!

I will join the 8 weeks program."

Mindfulness & Positive Psychology Workshop


"Smiling Minds Club organised a mindfulness workshop and shared a very interesting strategy to start & maintain new habits. It was a 2 hour session and I have learnt so much from Vanessa about meditation. Vanessa has an ability to connect with her students at a personal level which makes it easier to open up and go through the entire experience.
During the workshop, Vanessa guided me through a specific meditation practice which involved scanning every body part. This was a beautiful experience to be in the moment and feeling different sensations in the body. My mind & body felt so relaxed and I had a tingling sensation with special energy throughout my body.
Overall it was a great workshop and I walked out with so much positive energy to share with others.
A big thank you Vanessa for leading this session and sharing your knowledge."

Individual Coaching


"Vanessa has the calmest gentlest voice. I can honestly say I feel relaxed just listening to her speak. Her meditations are amazing. You can tell how passionate she is and how much she enjoys doing mindfulness courses. I learned a lot from her, easy exercises that I can put into practise in my every day life. I really recommend her courses."