The Mindfulness Training

What is a Mindfulness Training?

This mindfulness training is developed for everyone who seeks to improve their quality of life, strengthen their mind and would like to raise awareness of the ‘here and now’.


The Smiling Minds Club Mindfulness Training consists of eight weekly group sessions and an additional morning of silence. It involves a mixture of meditation practices and daily mindfulness exercises. You are invited to share your experiences of practicing mindfulness – you can contribute as much as you feel comfortable with. You will be asked to apply mindfulness techniques in your daily activities and practise mindfulness meditations between sessions, you can see this as a date with yourself, extra quality ‘me-time’.

Impact of the Mindfulness Training

A Smiling Minds Club Mindfulness Training increases the awareness of your thoughts, emotions and physical feelings. It will help you BE-ing in this very moment as it is; BE-ing in the here and now. You will acquire a package of lifelong lasting tools that might change your view on your personal life and life in general. By learning how to BE in the moment with awareness, you will feel the impact on the quality of your life in endless ways.

Curious? Sign up for the next training!

When: Mondays, starting 13th of May till July 8th (no training on June 10th)

Time: 9.30 – 11.30/45

Extra morning of silence: Sunday July 7th, 9.00 – 12.30

Where: Centrum aan het Spaarne in Haarlem centre (depending on weather the  

     morning of silence might be held outside)

Price: €295 (this time only!!!)

Language: English

The training includes a short pre-class interview, this can be done by phone.


Important: For any Mindfulness sessions – training or coaching – it is important to know that I’m a VMBN registered Mindfulness trainer (category 2) – therefore, most Dutch health insurances partially cover the costs of these Mindfulness sessions.

Extra offer

I want to keep Mindfulness accessible! Therefore, in my trainings, I reserve at least one spot for someone who has to live on a limited budget. If you are this person and you are interested in this next Mindfulness Training starting on Monday mornings May 13th, you are welcome to contact me. Together, we can work something out.